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Heating & Air Conditioning in Santa Clara, CA

When the California sun heats up the summer and even the cool Pacific breeze can’t keep up, you need reliable air conditioning at your home and business keeping things cool. Climate Matters specializes in highly efficient residential and commercial HVAC systems that will save you money on your utility bills. Our extensive experience in the industry means we know what manufacturers can be trusted, and we recommend only the best for our customers.

We provide residential & commercial HVAC repair, installation & maintenance in Santa Clara, CA & San Jose, CA.

Commercial HVAC in Santa Clara, CA

Climate Matters specializes in both commercial and industrial HVAC equipment, maintenance & design build services for Santa Clara, San Jose and the surrounding areas. Properly designed HVAC systems make all the difference between efficient performance and system life and decreased efficiency combined with expensive repairs – and no business can afford the downtime required for repairs.

HVAC Maintenance

Let Climate Matters help you avoid bad surprises with our scheduled maintenance services. Your HVAC system is just like an automobile – neglect will lead to decreased performance, reliability and system life. Climate Matters scheduled maintenance services keep your system running like it is supposed to which means you save money on utility bills, experience fewer problems and extend the life of your system! Contact Us for more information.

Please call us at (408) 980-9971 and we will answer any of your questions. To schedule service or request an estimate online, just visit our service request form. Thank you for your interest in Climate Matters of Santa Clara, CA!

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